Gigbucks money – an unpaid review of the opportunity

If you do spend as much time online as many do, you will have encountered a common offer on gigbucks. The basic drift on their offer is you can make money online from as little as 5dollars to 50 dollars. Their advert content developer, in my view is the only really serious service provider in this whole gigbucks thing. Sometimes, I like to think that people make up some of these sites with the intention of generating adsense income rather than actually offering a service.

Although again I do tend to wonder, how they make money online because the investment to get the kind of ad-impressions they are getting from good old google adsense, could be hefty. But yikes! I am going ahead of myself! How can I dare say such a thing? Well, first, I


Is Capitalism or Making Money from People’s Suffering a Bad Thing?

The reality of life is that money, the bulk of it, is made through one Law:

SOLVING A PROBLEM amongst people. Usually the more the people the more the money you are likely to make.

This principle is a challenge to many people especially when they view themselves as being recipients of that ‘help’.

The thing is, there is no such thing as ‘there is no money made’; the only thing (and accountants can help me here) is in which column the money you are making is in. The overall logic of all charity work (whether you call them a local body or an international body) is usually one: TAX!

I work for the non-profit industry (besides writing as a freelancer) and I am qualified to mention that all donor work boils down to one point: 'how much do we save by doing all this humanitarian work in a country with a high poverty rating?'


A Biased Review of Data Entry Jobs and Fast Online Money

There are many offers made for data entry jobs and easy data entry jobs. The trouble with most of them is that they appeal more to your desire for a quick income solution than to common sense. A recent offer made on Google Baraza has an online data entry job FAQ that has these parameters. You can earn 2000USD plus this month. They then go on to explain that in their data entry jobs you earn 30cents for filling in a simple form such as you would for gmail or yahoo. You can earn the 2000USD by working an hour or two online daily, and you can fill in a form in one to two minutes. Sounds easy right? Now let us crunch those figures and see what we get.

In this particular data entry job, you are to fill in a form that will take you about a minute or two to fill. If we use the slowest typist as our unit of measure who fills in a form in two minutes, we are reasonably saying you


Ten Simple Organising Ideas For People Working From Home

If you work from home or you have a home business you quickly realise that you need to make maximum use of each minute in order to be effective. 

Here are just a few quick ideas that can help you get better organized:
1.    Declutter Your Desk
An uncluttered desktop erases unnecessary distractions and helps keep your mind on tasks that need immediate attention. Keep only the items on your desk that relate to your current projects.

2.    Set Up Files For Projects
Don't waste time searching for papers when you need them. Keep all paperwork that pertains to a certain project together in one large folder.

3.    Don't Rely On Your Memory
You run the risk of letting tasks fall through the cracks. The best way to never forget an appointment, a deadline or a detail again, is to write everything down.

4.    Use One Calendar
The biggest mistake people make when using planning calendars is to keep more than one. Keep


How to be a Self Employed Affiliate and Make an Online Income

How to be a Self Employed Affiliate and Make an Online Income

You Collect Your SFI Online Business From An ATM Near You

Getting Paid: SFI Online Business Pays You In Your Local Currency

How to Bust Sweet Talk From Scam Resellers

Unearthing Scams: Is A Company That Asks You To Pay To Work For Them Genuine?

Why Starting A Business With No Capital Is A Blessing In Disguise

Why Starting A Business With No Capital Is A Blessing In Disguise

Five Top Decisions To Make Before Signing Up For The SFI Business Opportunity

Five Top Decisions To Make Before Signing Up For The SFI Business Opportunity

How You Can Make Money Online With An SFI Website

There are numerous ways to make money online through the SFI online business and one of the easiest to set up is the SFI pre-designed website exclusively designed for SFI affiliates. If you are not techno-savvy and have no knowledge of web design and web marketing, then this is the best product you can purchase that will open up a new income stream quickly at SFI online business. It is a known fact and many online marketers will tell you this, that the learning curve to enable you to start to understand Search Engine Optimization and start to make money online can be a rigorous and grueling journey.

In the meantime, you may have pressing needs and bills to pay and you need to start to make money online as quickly as possible. Rather than agonize and waste days, weeks and months learning, it is faster and easier to pick a pre-designed site that will solve all your Affiliate needs with one simple product. The VeryVIP Hosting Package gives you a complete solution to your need for a quick start Affiliate business. This Hosting package comes with a complete website, and easy to develop structure if you do not know anything about JAVA and such 'foreign' languages. You can integrate